Saturday, October 18, 2008

Poop's Just Funny....

Me - on my arse watching the Dodgers playoff game on TV. 
Colin - on his in the bathtub. 
Live action ballgame sound fills the house along with ambient water splashing and the faint sounds of a child playing in the tub. All of a sudden a yell from down the hall....

Colin: DAD!!!!
Me: (hit pause) Yeah Buddy?!
Colin: Remember the other day when we went to the pumpkin patch?!!
Me: Yeah, I remember!
Colin: Remember when I was riding on that horse and he was real?!!
Me: Yeah, I remember!
Colin: Remember when he stopped - and then that other horse peed and pooped?!!
Me: Yep - I remember!
Colin: That was SOOOO funny!!! (hysterical laughter...)
Dad: Yes it certainly was! (join in laughter...)

Colin resumes bathtub activity. I hit Play. 
Once again the sounds of baseball and bath fill the house...

I love my home!


The Craftypigs said...

so are burps and "toots"

mcrumrine said...

Carson is a big fan of bathroom humor as well. For him it's practically an art form.

Kim and JD said...

That is Greatness and would be right up Tanner's alley as far as humor! I love that it caught his attention enough that afterwards he thought it was important enough to shout it across the house, you gotta love em!

Kristi said...

I love your home too.

And nothing is funnier in our home than poo-poo and pee-pee and bottoms and such...and that's just with Curtis. HA! Okay... I'm talking about the kids. But seriously...why is that so funny?

Andi and Michael said...

Carson's class went a school field trip to the World Aquarium in downtown Dallas. I happened to be the lucky parent watching over not only Carson, but two of his little buddies as well. The highlight of the day was the moment we saw the manatee poop. They LOVED it! After that it was non-stop poop talk and "Can we go back to see the manatee? We might get to see it poop again!" Nearly one year later, we are still recalling with laughter the manatee poop story. Oh, the simple joys of being a boy.

Steve Cuss said...


I coach Andrew's soccer team - 4 and 5 year olds. I let them name the team and they choose a new name every week. Most popular yet is the "burps" and the "farts." One week we were the "Kung Fu Panda Penguins." That's what happens when you try to please everyone with the name. Anyway, for the last two weeks it has been "the farts verses the lions" or the "burps verses the monkeys.

everyone else goes with cool animals. we're purely body functions. More primal and ultimately more intimidating, which is what youth soccer should be all about.